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Ancestral Echo (2008)


Words and music by Jeff MacKey
Mixed, produced, engineered and mastered by Writ on Water
Art direction by Daniel Johnson

Jeff MacKey: Vocals, guitars, bass, drum and electronic woodwind programming
Daniel Johnson: Bass, drum programming, guitar, voice
Archie Jackson: drums/percussion on tracks 2, 4 and 5
Sam Jackson: drums on track 1

Band Notes: 

The songs on this EP evolved out of the recording sessions for A Wingless King but ultimately wound up together as a separate EP. Initial tracking of This kingdom of tin, Fragment 55 and Reflection was done as part of the A Wingless King sessions and completed in 2007/08, while Liquid and Uncasting spells were recorded in 2008.

January 2009 – Crumbs in the Butter

One minute I’m thinking I can hear a whole host of early to mid ’80s bands (Wolfgang Press, Cocteau Twins, AR Kane and Modern English); and the next, I hear snippets of everything from The Trash Can Sinatras, The Cure and even Talk Talk. I have to marvel at any band that can utilize so many acquainted sounds and influences but still manage to float a million miles away from anything formulaic.

January 2009 – Down The Line Magazine

Ancestral Echo starts off... with a nice groove that lets you know right away why these songs deserved to see the light of the day. The intro groove of ‘This Kingdom of Tin’ gives way in to a spoken word styled vocal delivery that works nice.  Then the background chanting kicks in.  This song builds and builds, layer upon layer of sound... another quality entry in to the Writ on Water catalogue.

March 2009 – Terrascope Online

‘Ancestral Echo’ features a number of dramatic cuts, notably the gothic plainsong of ‘This Kingdom Of Tin’ and ‘Uncasting Spells,’ with its layers of Cocteau Twins-style guitars. ‘Reflection’ has a certain Joy Division feel to it.