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Pelléas (2000)


Words and music by Jeff MacKey
Mixed, produced, engineered and mastered by Writ on Water
Remastered for re-release, 2008
Art direction by Daniel Johnson

Jeff MacKey: Vocals, guitars, bass
Daniel Johnson: Bass, drum programming, flute, voice
David Blaney: Flügelhorn

Band Notes: 

This project was recorded in 2000 following the online release of The Greyest Day Sessions: 1992 – 1994. Having taken several years off from Writ on Water activity, these tracks constitute a sampling from songs that had been written prior to 1994—some of which had been a part of live sets—but had never been recorded.

August 2000 – True Tunes

...there is plenty for fans of space rock acts such as the Autumns to like here. The guitar atmospheres are dense and beautiful, providing a perfect texture for Jeff MacKey’s quietly breathed vocals and poetic introspective lyrics.

August 2000 – Opus

...their emphasis has always been on texture and ambience. Most of the time, MacKey’s content to let his voice float around, ghostlike, in the background. However, he’s not afraid to sound brooding and menacing, which adds an edge to Writ On Water’s atmospheric approach... If you’re a fan of Projekt Records and their roster of darkwave and atmospheric artists, or if you wish you could get into goth music but don’t want to put up with the genre’s posturing and melodramaticism, ‘Pelléas’ is for you. It may have taken them 7 years, but songs like ‘Greyest’ (with its ringing guitars, drifting vocals, and a bassline that came straight from The Cure’s ‘Faith’) prove that some things are worth waiting for.

October 2000 – Mish Mash

Writ On Water has the musical reach of The Church, the absorption of U2’s mid-80s ‘European’ experiments, and the breadth of avant-garde compositional history..