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The Greyest Day (2014)


All songs composed by Jeff MacKey except “Points on a line” and “Misgiving” by Jeff MacKey, Daniel Johnson, Miles Williams & Joel Hughes and “Degeneration” by Daniel Johnson & Jeff MacKey.
Recorded and produced by Writ on Water
Mastered by Paolo Licciardi
Cover photography by Nikki Johnson, Naomi Love and John Fowler
Art direction by Brian Hasselbeck

Jeff MacKey: vocals, guitars, bass, piano, programming
Daniel Johnson: bass, guitars, piano, vocal atmospheres
Matt Akery: drums
Philip Keller: euphonium
Graham Dickey: trombone, trumpet
Nikki Johnson: vocals

Matt Akery appears courtesy of Lockout/Tagout
Philip Keller & Graham Dickey appear courtesy of the Collection

Band Notes: 

Writ on Water's third full-length album, “The Greyest Day,” will be available on 11/25/14 via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify and more. Originally slated as the follow-up to “Sylph” in 1994, the project ultimately took two decades—during which time an album and three EPs were released—before coming to fruition.  Jeff MacKey and Daniel Johnson are joined by Lockout/Tagout drummer Matt Akery along with a guest appearance by Philip Keller and Graham Dickey of the Collection.