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Band Personnel

Sylph Band Photo
Jeff MacKey Jeff MacKey

acoustic and electric guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, drum programming

Daniel Johnson Daniel Johnson

bass, acoustic and electric guitars, voice, treatments, drum programming, flute, trombone

Dr. Joel Hughes Joel Hughes

Dr. Joel Hughes was Writ on Water's original drummer, providing rhythm from 1990 until 1994. Joel played drums (and one very special guitar track) on Sylph and was involved in conceptualizing The Greyest Day.

Miles Williams Miles Williams

Miles Williams played guitars with Writ on Water from 1991 to 1993. Miles co-wrote ‘Misgiving’ and contributed guitar tracks to Sylph.

Exray Exray

Exray contributed drums and percussion to A Wingless King (2001-02). Exray is one-half of the Bay Area musical project Isadore and Exray.

Jon Sonnenberg Jon Sonnenberg

Jon Sonnenberg played piano on ‘Bittersuite’ (Part 3) and remixed ‘Wondertime’ and ‘Angie swirls in pastel summer’ for the Wunderzeit! EP. Jon is well known for his work with House of Wires, Pivot Clowj and Travelogue. Jon is one of the most remarkable musicians we have the pleasure of knowing.

Archie Jackson Archie Jackson

Archie Jackson contributed drums and percussion on the Ancestral Echo and Wunderzeit! EPs. Archie is currently playing music in the Bay Area and working with his equally percussive brother, Sam.

Sam Jackson Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson contributed drums to the Ancestral Echo and Wunderzeit! EPs. Sam is currently working with his equally percussive brother, Archie.

David Blaney David Blaney

David Blaney contributed flügelhorn on ‘If anyone ever knew.’ David is a highly regarded trumpeter in Southern California with several bands including Southland.

Matt Akery

Matt Akery performed drums on The Greyest Day.  Matt has been working with Writ on Water since 2009 and plays drums and synth for Lockout/Tagout.

Philip Keller

Philip Keller played euphonium on "Precarious" (The Greyest Day).  Philip plays the baritone horn for The Collection.

Graham Dickey

Graham Dickey played trombone and trumpet on "Precarious" (The Greyest Day). Graham plays trombone in The Collection.

Jeremy Dodgen has been Writ on Water's official photographer since 1992.

Chris Nandor is Writ on Water's long-time technologies consultant.

Christopher Colbert co-produced Sylph (1992).